Business Potential

"The World's Finest Livestock Business"

Alpaca investmentAlpacas are a business opportunity.

Alpacas are known for the excellent lifestyle that raising them offers, the great tax advantages and excellent profits in the sales of offspring.

Alpacas are inexpensive to own, compared to other livestock. They are "earth friendly," very easy on the land. Shelter, fencing, hay, grain, fresh water and a little land will give you and your alpacas years of enjoyment.

Alpaca fiber demand continues to increase dramatically all over the world. You will harvest your fleece each year.

Alpaca ownership tax advantages are EXCELLENT. Through depreciation, capital gains and if you are an active hands-on owner, the benefit of off-setting your "ordinary income - from other sources" with expenses from your ranching business is a great tax efficient planning. A very helpful IRS Publication 225, entitled "The Farmers Tax Guide" and IRS Publication Section 179, can be obtained on www.IRS.gov!

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Alpaca farm in Michigan

Updated March 01, 2022