About Us

Kathy's Story

When building a beautiful country estate home in 2002, and first learning about alpacas, the ingredients began to come together in creating one of the most incredible lifestyles that Kathy could have imagined. After raising three children and then experiencing an unexpected change in her life, she knew it was time to take the last four years of research and put it into action.

October 10, 2003, her birthday, was her first ranch visit. As she drove down the drive and saw these beautiful, graceful and charming creatures, SHE WAS HOOKED! She spent the day on the ranch and had a wonderful hands on experience, and there was no turning back.

Her work outside the alpaca industry as an independent financial investment advisor sent her into exploring the investment benefits of owning a working alpaca ranch. She quickly realized that the profit potential and tax benefits of owning alpacas would be very rewarding.

Danny's Story

Experiencing his own unexpected personal life changes, Danny worked the greenhouse business and spent time with his two daughters, sitting back trying to determine where to go from here.

As one of the owners of a successful family-owned local greenhouse business, established 50 years ago, Danny has sound business experience that can be shared with future breeders, as it pertains to the alpaca industry.

Our Story

Remember, at Triple Diamonds the future drives the present, not the past.

Then one day, Kathy and Danny's paths crossed, and their lives would change forever. Kathy introduced alpacas to Danny and they visited their first alpaca ranch together on a trip to Florida, HE WAS HOOKED! The TRIPLE DIAMOND (Past, Present and Future) process began.

They had a vision of a better tomorrow, while reflecting on the past and in the present - Danny gave Kathy a beautiful triple diamond ring to represent their life story.

They started their alpaca ranch and business in April 2007 with the purchase of their Triple Diamond (3) girls, each pregnant. Adding four more females, each carefully selected with high quality standards, their herd began to grow.As the two first crias were born, on National Alpaca Day and the other on Kathy's birthday (exactly 4 years after her first alpaca ranch visit), their alpaca lifestyle has begun, with heart.

Updated April 17, 2013